1:1 Look and Territory

1:1 is a project that shows some interventions made in which pieces of a 1:1 scale maps where disposed over the terrain. It compares reality with fiction, knowledge with experience. The display -on the floor- was very important to make sure that the viewer adopted the same point of view that appears in maps -from above-. Some interventions are showed in photographs and another in a video, where in the map you could see the located place of the intervention and the part of the map that was cutted down and represented in the reality in a 1:1 scale. The photographs have a legend as if they where thinked as a map.

The project analyses reality and space, in words of the curator: Miguel González’s Works, forces the viewer to be active in the process of observation and adopt a hegemonic perspective, by the particular installation of his photographs, half lying on the ground. This activation of the viewer as an active receptor, takes place in the interventions that are documented through photographs. In them, the viewer can make a transition between reality and work, and there is where the intermedial space happens, leading to analyze reality and representation. In the pictures you see a portion of full scale map, which overlaps with reality, letting a new space appear. The work of Miguel González invites to think about maps that appear historically as a metaphor of mechanisms of power and control, it is also related to the text of Jorge Luis Borges ‘On Exactitude in Science’ that deals with the problem of Science trying to represent a huge reality.

Part of the project was presented at the Adora Calvo Gallery in Salamanca between November and December 2014 as part of the ‘Abierto Emergentes’ Project, curated by Luis San Sebastián Alonso.


by Miguel González

Curatorial Text

by Luis San Sebastián (Spanish)