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The work appropriates the BOE (Spanish Official Gazette) to intervene it with printed images and texts, highlighting the text pieces restructuring the reading around the concepts of visibility and space.


The BOE is the Official Diary of the Spanish State, and is the media where all the laws and regulations are published. The presented edition shows the Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30th, The Protection of Public Safety, which has been controversial because the limitations against speech freedom and the impunity of the security forces to act. In fact some images from the media and a text are inserted in the law, combining this elements and creating a tension with the question of apparently objectivity of laws. The interventions activate the reading questioning the uses of public spaces and the production of images in that spaces, and how this two elements organize the perception of events and the world.

By using this text some events of the reality of Spain in the past years is showed, such as the political events taking place since 2011 with the economical crisis and political representation crisis, and the economic cuts that originated massive mobilizations.